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If you’re within a 500-mile radius of Columbus, OH we would love to talk with you about hosting a show. Scroll down to read some details about hosting a show.

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Details of Hosting a Show


2020 tour dates


Use the calendar below to see where we will be on those dates. You can also check the availability on open dates to host a show at your church. 


Sonshine typically travels by charter bus and arrives at the host church in the afternoon of the day of the performance. We quickly set up our lighting and sound equipment and then rehearse a few scenes to get used to the performance venue. We do not need any audio/visual assistance from the host church (beyond access to the house lights).


We ask the church for a meal an hour and a half before the performance. Typically, the meal is at 5:30. Churches often choose to have their youth group at the meal so the group can mix some with our youth.


After eating, the cast then goes to costume/make up and begins final preparations for the show. Typically, show time starts at 7:00.


Due to the generous financial support of our alumni, Sonshine no
longer requires overnight housing provided by the host church. We would appreciate any hotel recommendations you might have in your area.


It is our usual practice to offer the audience the opportunity to financially support our ministry by leaving any donations in baskets held by our cast members as the audience exits. This is not a requirement and we will certainly work within the customs and preferences of a church.


We hope we have answered some common questions regarding hosting a Sonshine performance. We have shared wonderful experiences with our host churches over the years. We would gladly supply references from past host churches. Please feel free to contact Sonshine Director Mark Fox with any further questions.



Past Performances

From the musical
Chains: 2015

Solo performance:
Nothing I Can Say


From the musical
Chosen: 2012

Cast performance:
Give Us A King


On behalf of the Cross Creek Community Church, United Church of Christ, I want to thank you for coming to our church and sharing your musical with us and our wider community.  You are all quite impressive!  Your music, your passion, your engagement in the Story was beautiful in every way.
— Rev. Michael Castle